Baby & Toddler Outdoor Photoshoots

Photographer’s Guide to the Perfect Baby & Toddler Outdoor Photoshoots

1. Baby & Toddler Nap & Nutrition: Before our scheduled outdoor photoshoot, ensure your baby and/or toddler has had sufficient rest and is not hungry. Well-rested babies and toddlers result in smoother sessions and naturally radiant photographs. And oh, pack some of those cheese sticks and apple slices that your baby loves!  Choose non-messy snacks to keep your baby and toddler clean during the photo session.

2. Baby & Toddler Photoshoot Outfit Ideas: Considering the outdoor setting, a playful dress or outfit that resonates with their personality is ideal. However, always pack a backup—spontaneous moments can sometimes be messy! Coordinating outfits without overshadowing individual personalities is our golden rule. Avoid clothing with cartoon characters for your child’s photoshoot.

3. Engaging Babies & Toddlers in Photography: A pro tip is to engage them with family photos the night before our session. Allow them to take playful snaps—it builds anticipation and familiarizes them with the camera.

4. Props for  Baby & Toddler Photography: Incorporating their favourite toys, like soft plushies, can elevate the authenticity of the photoshoot. Such personal items often lead to heartwarming candid shots.

5. Embrace Authentic  Baby & Toddler Moments: During our session, remember to keep things natural. I’ve found that genuine, spontaneous shots often become cherished memories.

Photographer’s Advice: Always open a line of communication with your photographer before the day of the shoot. With my years of experience in baby & toddler photography, I’ve gathered a list of kid-friendly locales perfect for capturing your family’s essence.

Passionate about showcasing the beauty of the Greater Toronto Area, we offer exclusive location-based photography sessions. Whether you’re in Mississauga, Vaughan, Markham, or the heart of Toronto, we’ll travel to you, capturing memories amidst the stunning backdrops this area provides.

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